About the IW Capital Group Site

This demo is an internal analytics portal for a fictional financial company using the Portals for Tableau software.  It represents what can be achieved with Portals for Tableau out of the box with our basic installation service.  Features used in this demo include:

  • Report Builder
  • Side Navigation
  • Homepage built using our built-in page builder
  • Light CSS modifications 

About Portals for Tableau

Portals for Tableau is an analytics portal from InterWorks that empowers you to fully customize the data experience. This web-based solution provides you with a centralized hub for all of your analytics. With easy-to-use tools and an intuitive interface, it equips you to completely tailor insight sharing, navigation and design like never before. Backed by the guidance and expertise of the InterWorks Experience Team, Portals for Tableau grants you the freedom and power to create an enriching data experience.  Check out our main site to learn more about Portals for Tableau. 

See it in action

We have an upcoming finance industry webinar, which you can sign up for here. In this webinar, Jimmy Steinmetz explains how the two cannot only coexist but greatly enhance each other. Relevant for everyone from analysts to directors, this webinar covers:

  • The ideal analytics flow from Excel to Tableau
  • Reporting use cases on visual analytics, interactivity and enterprise readiness
  • Live demo of financial analytics in Tableau
  • Roadmapping for Excel and Tableau in your organization

You can also see a more general demo of  Portals for Tableau with Experience Engineer Mark Bingham and Principal Consultant Ben Bausili from InterWorks where they will show how easy it is to integrate your dashboards into everyday flows and drive more traffic to your visualizations.  

Ready to get started?

Want someone from our team to give you a call?  Fill our our Contact Form and give us a little bit of background.  Or, if you'd prefer to do things by email, fill the form out below and we'll send some additional info over and schedule a time to meet. We'd love to hear from you either way and discuss how we can help create the analytic experience you've been dreaming up.