IW Capital is a user-friendly home base for all your financial data, connecting your entire organization to the relevant insights they need.


The Mission of This Demo

Financial data doesn’t have to be boring. IW Capital offers a visually engaging and easily navigable alternative to lackluster financial portals. Here you’ll find data from across your organization consolidated and presented in a way that resonates with frontline analytics and executives alike. With better access to data, you’ll be able to make better business decisions. Here’s what you can expect:

Engaging Visuals
Analytics should be enjoyable and informative. Ditch the boring tables and leverage the power of data visualization to communicate insights in a meaningful way.

Better UX

If you’ve ever gotten lost in financial portal, you’re not alone. With relevant insights brought to the fore with intuitive navigation, your users will never have to go digging again.

Cleaner Data
Determining signal from noise within your financial data has always been a challenge. Cleaner data and consolidated views connect you to answers faster.

New Perspectives

Don’t limit yourself with convention and outdated analyses. Unlock new ways of viewing and engaging with your financial data to see things you didn’t before. 


Financial Reporting

Financial reports don’t have to look archaic and mundane. Explore how we transform bland reports into something visually engaging and impactful.

Investment Management

Whether you’re in the weeds of analysis or an executive stakeholder, understanding investment performance has never been clearer. Discover what’s possible.

Machine Learning

Adding machine learning workflows to your Tableau dashboards just got easier thanks to Amazon SageMaker for Tableau. See what new insights await.